Why You Should Sell On McMall GH

Take Your Shop Online

Amazing Frontend Manager


A user friendly simple made front end for Shop managers. 

Categorize your Store Vendors and assign Capabilities as per their segment requirements. Additionally you will have support of Shop Managers and Staffs. Vendors will have their own Group of Staffs.

Frontend Delivery Manager


Vendors manage their product delivery by their own delivery team. Assign a delivery person to an order, and get instant delivery notifications; everything from their dashboard. Easily and Smoothly.

A Chance for the Little Guys


It is impossible for the average person to get a product onto the shelves at a big retailer such as Walmart without spending a lot of money (or having some serious connections). Yet anybody can list a product at Amazon.com and put their wares before 1 million customers nationwide.

Large Number of Potential Customers


The number of potential customers you can reach throughmcmallgh.com is a 000 times the number of potential  customers that walk into your shop.

No Listing Fee (Unlimited Listing)


You will not have to pay anything to list an item on mcmallgh.com. In fact, you will not be charged until you actually sell something(commission 1%). This means you can list more items and leave the listings up longer, which is great news for a seller.

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